OMRON MOSFET Relays: Your Step Forward

May 25, 2021

Advancements in the semiconductor technology enabled MOSFET relays to become an attractive choice when switching and control is needed. Deployment of these components in modern applications drives MOSFET relays into the spotlight of many designers. While providing significant benefits for the new generation of end products, MOSFET relays as PCB components gain high attention in electronic circuit designs. 

OMRON offers the UK customers, through its authorized distributor Easby Electronics, MOSFET relays in the G3VM product range. It includes models with industry leading specifications and, in some cases, even unique solutions. 

Join this webinar to find out what are the market drivers and the most demanded specifications for MOSFET relays, and how they are utilized in the newest product releases.

Duration: 45 min, plus 15 min Q&A session


Easby Electronics - MOSFET Relays Page 

G3VM Product Range 

White Paper G3VM-66M MOSFET Relay Module

MOSFET Relays Brochure

Contact: info-components-eu@omron.com



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